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Name:Avengers HQ
Website:Avengers HQ on LiveJournal
Posting Access:All Members
Avengers HQ is a big tent fan community for Marvel's Avengers. The community welcomes fans and fannish activities of all stripes.

What can I post?

News: All Avengers related news is on topic, including casting rumors, changes in the creative teams of your favourite comics and sales figures.

Discussion: Open to anything and everything Avengers related, subject to the rules below.

Fannish Stuff: Fic, fanart, fan comics, cosplay photos, icons, wallpapers and other graphics, vids and machinima, reviews, essays and meta

Scans: We love scans! We don't love comics piracy, see the rules below for the difference.

Guided Discussion

In addition to news, discussion and fan stuff, [community profile] avengers_hq also has guided discussion series, designed to foster debate and speculation about the books, and interest in all corners of the Avengers universe. Especially the neglected ones.

Month to Month

Every Avengers book published in pamphlet form (generally 32 - 48 pages, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly) is assigned a Lead. Leads are cheerleaders in chief for the books they've signed up for. By the end of the week in which a new pamphlet is released, they will make an official Month to Month review and reaction post. Month to Month posts can include scans, links to reviews, interviews with creators, or just about anything else the Lead wants to throw in there.

Month to Month faq and sign ups

Spotlight On...

Spotlights are monthly posts devoted to particular characters, minis, organizations, pairings, or Avengers minutia. Spotlights must be approved by a mod, but we're open to pretty much anything (ten page essay on the extremis enhancile? Go for it!) Spotlights should educate the members about the cool Avengers-thing they might not know about, or properly appreciate, and can include everything from scans to rec lists.

Spotlight faq and sign ups


1. Abusive, derogatory and discriminatory language is not tolerated at The HQ. Please respect the feelings of your fellow fans, by not directing such language towards them, comics creators, or the characters we're all here to celebrate. Bashing is not welcome here.

2. Absolutely no soliciting illegal downloads, or posting links to illegal downloads.

3. No more than four pages from an issue may be posted on the comm, inclusive of previews.

4. You must warn for spoilers. Because our members are in all different places in canon, we have a two-tier spoiler policy.

Type One Spoilers: images and plot points from unreleased comics, or comics released in the last month. The only exception to this is cover images, which we consider fair game. All type one spoilers should be clearly labeled, and behind an lj-cut.

Type Two Spoilers: everything else. Sure Secret Wars happened in the 80s, but not everyone's read it yet. Don't give your fellow members a nasty surprise! Remember to label your posts so they know what they're getting into.

5. All Not Work Safe material must be clearly labeled and behind an lj-cut.

6. Fic and fanart should be rated according to the MPAA rating system, since this is pretty standard in fandom.

Formatting Your Post

Subject Line

All monthly discussion posts should be labeled with the title and issue number. All fic, art and essays should be labeled according to the following format:


All posts must have a header. Headers help your fellow members find posts they're interested in. Remember to label your posts with every applicable part of the sample header below.


LJ-Cuts are required for all: fic, fanart, embedded video, not safe for work images or text, long essays or discussion posts, posts with multiple images, and type one spoilers. You can have a single, uncut, preview image of a maximum of 400x300.

Avengers HQ is maintained by [personal profile] dirty_diana and [personal profile] schmevil
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